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Wilson Pro 1100 Commercial In-Building Signal Booster Kit - 50 Ohm

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Surprisingly powerful among its product category and price range, the Wilson Pro 1100 boasts an uplink power of up to 25 dBm and 15 dBm in downlink.


Designed to reach far away cell towers, the Wilson Pro 1100 signal booster boasts a remarkable uplink power of up to 25 dBm and 15 dBm in downlink. With its built-in XDR technology, the Pro1100 offers continuous connectivity in a 35,000 sq. ft. coverage area—never overloading or shutting down due to a strong outside cell signal.


For greater control and usability, the Pro 1100 utilizes a color LCD touch screen, allowing users to troubleshoot, assess performance, adjust the outside antenna, and turn bands on and off. Its modern, intuitive design makes for easier antenna connection and wall-mount installation.



 Wilson Pro 1100 50 Ohm


Key Features

• XDR Technology (eXtended Dynamic Range) automatically adjusts gain
and will remain operational, even in the presence of a very strong outside signal
•+25 dBm maximum uplink power, +15 dBm maximum downlink power
• Covers up to 35,000 sq. ft. with enhanced cell signal on all
available network speeds
•Ability to turn off specific frequency bands
•Color LCD touchscreen display, indicating gain and
power levels of each band, for easy antenna setup, control, and troubleshooting
•Choice of 50 Ohm “N” or 75 Ohm “F” connectors per cable preference
•FCC and Industry Canada certified

Package Content

50 Ohm Kit (460147), Pro 1100 Booster, Outside Directional Antenna (314411), Inside Dome Antenna (304412), Lightning Surge Protector (859902), 2ft Low-Loss Wilson 400 Cable (952302), 60ft Low-Loss Wilson400 Cable (952360), 75ft Low-Loss Wilson400 Cable (952375).