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Nanotips Touchscreen Compatible Liquid - Leather Gloves

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Now you can use your touchscreen device with all of your gloves thanks to Nanotips – the world’s first liquid solution that can make any glove touchscreen compatible. Nanotips Black can be used on any leather, rubber, Kevlar, neoprene or gortex material gloves and is formulated specifically to withstand the most extreme conditions, lasting up to 30 days with 30+ applications per bottle. The way Nanotips Black works is it’s comprised of ultra-fine conductive nanoparticles which interlink with each other, helping to form a grid-like film when applied to the material. The proprietary formula dries to a matte black, giving a nice finish to your gloves.

Nanotips Touchscreen Compatible Liquid - Leather Gloves

Nanotips Touchscreen Compatible Liquid - Leather Gloves application

1. Shake – Gently Shake the bottle to evenly distribute the nano-particles
2. Apply – While wearing your gloves, apply a thin, even layer along the gloves fingertips. Apply a minimum 1” x 1” surface area onto the glove. Then use the stick to evenly spread the liquid across the applied area. A thin even layer will create a cleaner look for the glove while maximizing flexibility and increasing overall durability.
3. Heat or Air Dry – For quick drying, use a hairdryer for 2-3 minutes. If you don’t have a hairdryer you can also let it air-dry overnight.
4. Ready to Use – Your gloves are now touchscreen compatible and will work with all your favourite devices!

Key Features

• Transform your gloves into touchscreen ones
• Works on leather, rubber, Kevlar, neoprene and gortex materials
• Safe for all screens including smartphones, tablets and smartwatches
• Waterproof design withstands most extreme conditions
• 30+ applications per bottle and lasts up to 30 days
• Proprietary formula dries to a matte black finish
• Simple to use just shake, apply, dry and use!

Target Market

Bikers, motorcyclists, skiers, snowboarders, construction workers, law enforcement and everyday smartphone & smartwatch users that use thick gloves in the winter months


Universal - Generally Compatible