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Universal EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 3 Stackable, Chainable Chargepack 3200mAh

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The Jumpr Stack 3 is there for you, and your friends. With both Lightning and Micro USB cables tethered and enough power to charge up to two smartphones you can be a hero and pass it around to add a charge to everyone’s phone (or tablet). The Jumpr 3 also supports Enerplex’s unique stacking feature, allowing it to stack with other Jumpr power banks to charge or discharge together, from one input/output port.

The Enerplex Jumpr series of power banks use cutting edge, modern technology. The maximum output from the Micro USB port is 1.5A, great for charging the big batteries found in phablets & smartphones, while the maximum charge rate from the Lightning or USB connector is 2.4A, enough to charge even the latest iPads and all the Apple phones quickly. In addition, Jumpr power banks can accept a charge at a rate of up to 2A (if you have a 2A charger, such as the Enerplex Travel Adapter ).

Key Features

• 3200 mAh capacity
• 1.5A (7.5W) & 2.4A (12W) power output
• Can charge smartphones, iPads, full size tablets and other USB-enabled devices
• 3 outputs, Tethered Lightning and Micro-USB, plus a USB output for easy charging
• Magnetic contacts allow you to stack and charge multiple Jumpr Stacks simultaneously
• Stack your Jumpr Stacks together to combine power and charge larger, power-hungry devices
• 4 level LED battery life indicators
• Lightweight, portable design
• Micro-USB input
• Accepts a charge at up to 2A
• Dimensions: 4.13 x 2.68 x 0.55 in


All Micro USB Phones
All Apple iPhones & iPods with Lightning Connector