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Universal EnerPlex Camo (6W) Kickr IV Portable Solar Charger

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Universal EnerPlex Camo (6W) Kickr IV Portable Solar Charger
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The Enerplex Kickr IV is a 6.0 W portable solar charger that can be taken literally anywhere. This foldable, compact 4 panel unit comes with a variety bands and grommets so you can attach your Kickr IV to nearly anything. Whether it be a backpack, a tent, or a mountain bike, you can take your Kickr IV anywhere you go. Use the Kickr IV to charge a device directly using the power of the sun at the same rate as a standard wall outlet. You can also charge an portable battery pack with your Kickr IV, and then when the sun isn’t at your disposal, use that battery to charge your cell phone, camera, GPS, and more.

Why Charge A Battery Pack Instead Of A Product Directly When Charging Via Solar
Overexposure to heat. Some products will shut down if they get too hot and it’s never safe to leave your electronics exposed in sunlight and heat for long periods of time.
Cloud cover. If clouds pass by or weather changes, the charging can become interrupted. This means your phone could be plugged into your Kickr and not charging. Portable batteries such as Jumprs give you a constant charge no matter the weather conditions and will always accept a charge via solar no matter how many clouds pass over.
Transportation. It’s much easier to charge your phone via a portable power pack than sitting in the sun waiting for your device to fully charge. Portable power packs let you charge anywhere.
Day vs Night. You can charge at any time while using a power pack while you can only charge via solar during the day when you have access to direct sunlight.

Key Features

• Weighs only 0.6 pounds
• Weather Resistant
• Flexible, lightweight and durable
• Easily folds into a compact unit for transportation
• Solar made with flexible and rugged plastic
• Variety of elastic bands for attaching to bags, bikes and more
• Dimensions: Product Open: 774 x 185 x 2 mm (L x W x H), Product Folded: 225 x 186 x 18 mm (L x W x H)


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